images from planetscope

link to full resolution scan (cropped) for 18th in november

that is an excerpt from planets free samples on registration.


access via a command line and a nice web based tool.


notice the tent(?)

google view

lithium detection with satellites

The Sentinel-1 mission comprises a constellation of two polar-orbiting satellites, operating day and night performing C-band synthetic aperture radar imaging, enabling them to acquire imagery regardless of the weather. sentinel-1

Mode\Resolution\Pixel spacing > SM\9×9 m\3.5×3.5 m (acquisition-modes)

sentinel toolboxes , and google API

The main difference between the two sensors is the wavelength: 3 cm for COSMO-SkyMed X-band and 23 cm for SAOCOM L-Band. This translates in the fact that while X-band can detect even slight details, L-band is suitable to observe larger objects which would result unclear with X-band. Combining the two is possible to monitor both geometrical objects and small details.

NASA ARSET: Basics of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), Session 1/4



esa_sar_tutorial.pdf - great intro

python library pyradar written by a spanish, we need to meet him


“The Alaska Satellite Facility provides production, archiving and distribution to the scientific community of SAR data products and tools from active and past missions, including the June 2013 release of newly processed, 35-year-old Seasat SAR imagery.”

see a helpful SA answer EOLi (Earth Observation Link ) is the European Space Agency's client for Earth Observation Catalogue Service. also > alska datasets > d/l with script pdf

exposed contract values are presented in the explorer along with their Curl example,
note that no authentication is used

use HTTPie to interact with the REST server, a modern replacment for Curl.
on ubuntu type

sudo apt install httpie

to post from command line use, note we cant set a flagColor without naming a place

http POST flagColor="pink" place="spodumeneHouse"

other possibilities

http POST name="anoterNewName" 

to GET values use

http GET

on server side the comm is handled by composer-rest-server