svg2shenzhen is a wrapper that streamlines workflow of “gerberizing” inkscape SVG to something you can send to a fabrication house.

how to bypass kicad when exporting

in inkscape after you hit “Extensions>svg2shnzn>export kicad” your output will be a .kicad_pcb file.

“officially” you should then head over to kicad and plot that file into a valid gerber output using kicad plotter.
i prefer to get to the gerber output as fast as possible. and Kicad python integration allows for just that!

for this to work you will need a gerber viewer, i use gerbv, which also allows for minor editing and transformations to your gerber layers, see the last part of the video for an example. and a python script.

this script will output a plot directory with all the righteous gerber extensions and even add numbering for easier persistante viewing in unruly gerber viewers.

the python env im using has already been integrated with kicad tools, if you installed kicad on your system it should work . you do need kicad installed.