trying my hands on pure-data after years of not doing any visual programming type of work.
last i've seen of it urs of gaudiLabs (et al.) were using it as a serial controller for the openSeq project

as arduino Serial and OSC are two of my main outputs for the pcbgreycode project, im looking into it as a data viz and parse platform, for now.

install PD

i tried a few flavors of PD [pure-data], and settled on purr-data.
it installs nicely on my archLinux machine and comes built in withe the extensions i need.

problem is, a lot of the info is old, many broken links.

goal: serial>parse char input to integers>make list>find unique

# good to clean sys of bad installs
# sudo apt --fix-broken install
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dr-graef/pd-l2ork.bionic
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dr-graef/pure-lang.bionic
sudo apt install purr-data

learn PD

when i started visual programming (using max/msp/jitter) back in the days one of the best docs i had was the thesaurus supplied with the documentation. one for PD exists and i hope its not too outdated

will move to its page doon