see also ESP32-CAM

multi cam solutions

different approaches for recording and streaming a benchtop work surface

## Raspi the raspi can accept USB webcams but the usb2 limiting the bandwidth for multi cam solutions. the raspi also always for direct connect of camera, with limitation of length . elad fwd me to the arducam family of megapixel modules. and arducam *multi cam switcher* docs - official store - euro supplier

another switcher is offered by ivmach, link there are claims the arudcam one is not compatible with the raspi cam v2.

## ESP8266 arducam also offers a nice esp8266 based platform for their many modules 20$ to israel from

2m raspiam extender - arducam 5mpx cam with CS lens -

## Streaming Janus - is a webRTC gateway for broadcasting one to many scenario - github Streamer also support webRTC - site

## raspi i started with a raspi3 + cam module v1

#Enable UART

nice raspi zero based “camera”

info on raspi cm modules


“This repo's objective is providing something like Web Cam server on the most popular Raspberry PI hardware. By integrating WebRTC) and Raspberry PI, we can stream the Raspberry camera feed to browser or native client which talks WebRTC.” you can used the deb repo for compiled ready to run version ` Stream the #RaspberryPi camera module through your browser serious comments

## uv4l