help and syntax

some helpers to start you with the dokuwiki syntax

the home page is generated using the nspages plugin.

type a non title name in address bar

create it

the change comment will appear under recent part of the start page.<br>

add “?do=export_xhtmlbody” to link for html export from this

to this

more here

  • you have to be in admin group to delete
  • edit page > delete all text > save > page is gone

with preview of changes, side by side

if you host on imgur images you get automatic resizing
just add m (medium), l (large) to the image url.
here is a medium shot, notice the m


for local pics add ?400


imgpaste is installed, simply ctrl+v to upload an image and display

a space right after the curly braces will align to the left, space on both sides of the link will align to center. this is true to images too.

{{ :fbvideos:video1426446238_10152689458085079.mp4 }}