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this allow to send an media, even namedpipes, over webrtc

in windows

  • install visual studio 2019 comunity
  • get python 3.8+
  • get meson(0.55+) and ninja
#in "Developer Command Prompt for VS 2019"
git clone
cd gst-example
meson build
ninja -C build
cd build/webrtc/sendrecv

</code> webrtc-sendrecv.exe ^

  1. -peer-id=1 ^
  2. -server=ws: ^ –disable-ssl </code> in linux
    * get docker <code bash> git clone -b 1.8 –single-branch cd gst-ci/docker/fedora container=“gst-ci:webrtc” sudo docker build -t $container . docker run -i–name $container –privileged </code>